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George - College Junior
Computer Science Major

Gay and taken by the best guy in the universe.

I am an Über nerd as reflected by this blog. I really like Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor), Torchwood, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9), Primeval, Sherlock, Being Human UK, Misfits, House, Angel, and Dollhouse. To know anything else follow me.

"Weak and kindly people are often very treacherous. And if they've got a grudge against life it saps the little moral strength that they may possess."
-Miss Marple


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Mrs. Frederic Appreciation Post

Pete: Myka
Myka: Yeah
Pete: Steve is dead. How can you just be business as usual?
Myka: Because if I don't, I will lose it.

Second Version with Eleventh Doctor. Illustrates change of the title sequence.