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George - College Junior
Computer Science Major

Gay and taken by the best guy in the universe.

I am an Über nerd as reflected by this blog. I really like Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor), Torchwood, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9), Primeval, Sherlock, Being Human UK, Misfits, House, Angel, and Dollhouse. To know anything else follow me.

"Weak and kindly people are often very treacherous. And if they've got a grudge against life it saps the little moral strength that they may possess."
-Miss Marple


Topher: Our problems are huge and indomitable.

Adelle: Ooh I could eat that word. Or a crisp.

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Forget morality, imagine it’s true, alright? Imagine this technology being used. Now imagine it being used on you. Everything you believe, gone. Everyone you love, strangers, maybe enemies. Every part of you that makes you more than a walking cluster of neurons dissolved - at someone else’s whim. If that techology exists, it’ll be used, it’ll be abused, it’ll be global. And we will be over. As a species, we will cease to matter. I don’t know, maybe we should.

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Adelle DeWitt Outfit Appreciation

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Dollhouse + Colours Abound

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Per episode photoset | DeWitt/Dominic | 1.03 - Stage  Fright

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‘Three years by my side…’

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